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4chan Launches '$20 Bug Bounty' After Hackers Ruin moot's Day

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  • I'm surprised (Score:3, Interesting)

    by GoCrazy (1608235) on Wednesday May 07, 2014 @11:52AM (#46940479)
    That he's providing a monetary incentive at all. People would probably do it for free.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday May 07, 2014 @01:58PM (#46941871)

    Passes went on sale in Fall 2012, so it's been around 1.5 years for 12740 sales. Additionally, he's done a lot of 50-75% off sales (cyber monday, etc) so the actual income from passes is somewhere south of $254k. I'd guess between $100-200k, assuming the 12k sales is correct.

    Then there's the processing fees and CC fees and whatnot, so maybe it's a few % less than that.

    Then he has the server expenses. How much does it cost per month to run a site like 4chan? How much does cloudflare cost on a site like that? Amazon VMs? 4chan is still a top ~1000(ish) site on the net, which probably costs a fair amount.

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