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Draft IETF Standard for SSH Key Management Released 35

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A few months ago, Tatu Ylonen (creator of SSH 1.x) declared that lax key management was hazardous. Now there's work being done on a standard for automated key management. hypnosec sent in the news; quoting Parity News on the content of the draft: "It presents a process that would allow for moving of already issued keys to protected location, removal of unused keys, key rotation, providing rights of what can be done with the keys and establishing an approval process for issue of new keys." There's a non-WG mailing list; the final version of the standard is expected in October.
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Draft IETF Standard for SSH Key Management Released

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  • Awkward format... (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Junta (36770) on Wednesday April 10, 2013 @10:05AM (#43411719)

    Given the fact that this document is a 'best practices' sort of thing rather than actually defining some sort of protocol, I find the venue of an RFC (even TFS incorrectly marks this sort of thing as a 'standard) questionable.

    If they were looking for a techncial solution to actually enforce some of what is prescribed, basically it's describing the precise sorts of things x509 has baked in. Expiration rules to force examination of things like need-to know or even continued employment. Keys having to be blessed by an organizational authority rather than empowering each indivdiual user. Certificate revocation.

    Basically, ssh *should* have embraced x509 as a PKI standard. The biggest failing of x509 is the CA system lacking a facility to limit scope of particular CAs leading to implementations shipping with a default set of free-for-all CA certificates. So long as ssh infrastructure doesn't pre-ship with any CA certs until the target organization adds one, that one flaw is mitigated severely.

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